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Metal Detector Stem S-telescopic LITE


How to make metal searching more comfortable and productive? Cordless metal detectors from XP Detectors (France), available with patented metal detector stem S-telescopic LITE, will provide professional detecting and a high percentage of findings.   

S-telescopic LITE is an incredibly light universal metal detector stem that weighs only 320 gr. Despite a light construction, the stem is very strong and durable.

Among other advantages of the device, we can mark the following:

  • The telescopic stem is completely made of plastic.
  • Thanks to the optimal inclination angle, the construction is convenient in use.
  • A convenient holding handle will prevent hand slipping or spontaneous stem turning.

A stem for metal detectors is compatible with all corded or cordless metal detectors from XP Detectors, including renovated DEUS WS4, DEUS WS5, ORX. Excellent dynamics in controlling the searching coil and super light weight provide high effectiveness of the findings. .

To buy a metal detector stem from XP Detectors means to rely on the quality of the original product. S-telescopic LITE is available with a cardboard box complete with the fasteners for the searching coil.


Model Deus

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