Code: 3231-0014

Metal detector Minelab GO-FIND 44 (3231-0014)


Minelab GO-FIND 44 Metal Detector with 10" Waterproof Search Coil & 2 Camouflage Skins.

A basic detector can be productive if it’s GO-FIND 44 by Minelab. The manufacturing company suggests trying your hand at searching for artifacts together with advanced technologies, embodied into the metal detector.  

The features of metal detector GO-FIND 44:

  • Light indication of findings (Treasure View function).

  • Three searching modes, including treasure hunting.

  • Water resistant coil with the option of immersion at the depth of 60 cm.

  • Branded mobile app is available.

  • Operating quantity of the coil is 7.8 kHz.

  • 4 sensitivity levels.

  • Forks from 4 AA batteries or accumulators.

The absence of fastenings and the simplicity of the metal detector setup, help the user not to worry about losing some parts in the searching process. The manufacturer has also taken cake of supplying a protecting camouflage case.     

To buy a metal detector GO-FIND 44 means to fully experience the delight of finding valuables and feel like a real professional.


Battery type 4xAA
Frequency 7.7 kHz
Coil 10"
Weight 1.1 kg
Type Ground
Class Beginners
Purpose Treasure and artifacts / Beach finds
DD coil No
Water resistant No
PinPoint Yes
Volume control Yes
Display backlight Yes
3.5mm headphone jack Yes
6.3mm headphone jack No

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● Available 10 pcs.
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