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Metal detector Garrett AT MAX (1142160)


Garrett AT Max Features

The Garrett AT Max has a lot of the same features and options that is featured on the Garrett AT Pro and AT Gold, however it also boasts a few new features as well some original features that have been enhanced to bring you a metal detector said to help you push the limits of your metal detecting experiences.
Below are some of the new and enhanced features of the new AT Max metal detector.

Z-Lynk Wireless

The new Garrett AT Max metal detector features built in wireless technology (Z-Lynk) which is 6 times faster than bluetooth and comes with a set of Garrett wireless headphones.  This eliminates having to deal with a long headphone cord that often gets in the way when detecting and recovering a target.

Enhanced Detection Depth

Go deeper with increased transmit power and enhance electronics included in the new Garrett AT Max.  You will notice a significant increase in the detection depth of this detector.

Optimized Detection Frequency

The Garrett AT Max has an optimized detection frequency of 13.6 Khz which is just a bit lower than the AT Pro at 15 khz.  This change is said to optimize the detection ability of silver, gold jewelry and brass relics.


Finally this AT series metal detector is equipped with a backlight so that you can easily see at night or if you’re hunting in a low light environment.

True All-Metal mode

True all-metal mode offers the ability to detect all metals and allows you to reach the full potential depth of the detector.  The new AT Max features an all metal mode that will help its users to do just that.

Enhanced Ground Balance

The ground balance on the new AT Max detector has been enhanced to include 175 points of resolution.  What this means for you is that it has been optimized for more soil conditions including salt water and other varying degrees of mineralized soil.

Automatic Ground Balance Window

Some of the terrain that you metal detect has varying degrees of mineralization or there are areas where you may hunt 2 or 3 different soil types.
The new Garrett AT Max metal detector automatically ground balances to these variations so that you can focus more on finding targets.

New Controls

The AT Max comes with new controls as well.  Well actually it comes with a new button specifically called shift.  This allows for a much easier and less cumbersome way to adjust and use all of the different functions with just one hand while hunting.

Hand Grip

A new comfortable hand grip that has been introduced on the new Garrett AT Max will allow for a more comfortable user experience.  Especially on extended uses of the metal detector.
This new hand is non porous and so it will not soak in dirt or other debris keeping the hand grip clean.


Battery type 4xAA
Frequency 13.6 kHz
Coil 8.5"x11" DD
Weight 1.4 kg
Type Ground
Class Advanced / Professional
Purpose Treasure and artifacts / Beach finds / Underwater
DD coil Yes
Water resistant 3 m
PinPoint Yes
Volume control No
Display backlight Yes
3.5mm headphone jack No
6.3mm headphone jack No

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