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Classic vismagneet Magnetar Bulldog 800


Neodymium magnet “Magnetar Bulldog” 800 is the most powerful in the line of search magnets “Magnetar”. The main purpose of the product is to provide the search and powerful lifting of heavy metal things.

Huge pulling force is created by two magnets with the power of 400kg. The magnet is supplied with rotating eye-bolt fasteners for horizontal and vertical load lifting.

Search magnet “Magnetar Bulldog” 800 has the following advantages:

  • Versatility. The magnet doesn’t lose its productivity in cold or hot conditions, can be used both in the water and on the surface.
  • Resistance to dirt. The pulling force wouldn’t diminish because of the presence of dirt, oil or petrol on the object.
  • Minimal percentage of demagnetizing (not more than 2%).
  • Reacts with objects made of cast iron, iron, steel, alloys of iron with nonferrous metals.

The 800 kg magnet can hold heavy and large-sized objects; that’s why it is effective in industry, manufacturing and farming. The product can be used for looking for high mass objects in rivers and lakes.   

A Fishing magnet has to be put on the bottom, making sure that it connects with the metal object. The layer of ooze  won’t reduce the magnet’s power.

Field magnet Magnetar Bulldog 800 will help to find metal junk or armoring in the ground and also move the found objects on the surface. The cleaning operations in the fields and pastures with the help of the professional magnet show excellent results.

You can buy the reinforced magnet “Magnetar Bulldog” 800 in our shop at an attractive price. There are other options of neodymium magnets with the power from 80 to 400 kilograms.



Adhesion 300 kg
Weight 1700 g
Diametrs 90 mm

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